Teammate Talk: Stephanie

Meet Gixo Teammate Stephanie. She’s 46 and not afraid to admit it. She lives outside of Minneapolis and is currently working two jobs to support her travel habit. The fact that she’s now an empty nester and finds herself with more time doesn’t hurt either. When she’s not exercising, Stephanie is an avid reader and book blogger.


How Stephanie got started

I was inspired to start a workout regimen because I was tired of wanting to be healthier and stronger and fitter, but not taking the steps I needed to get there. I do very well with structure, so once I began a structured workout regimen that I could stick to, I began seeing results. Those results motivated me, and kept my mindset in the right place.


A “no regrets” approach

When things get tough, I’m not always strong. But, for me, the best motivation is to make myself exercise while saying, “You’ve never regretted a workout once it’s done!” That motto has always remained true. I’ve never regretted a finished workout, but I always find myself regretting a missed workout.


Becoming a goal crusher

Being more active has changed my life. It’s given me more energy, and a more positive outlook. I’m definitely a sleepy person if I go without working out, but on the days I get moving, I see a huge improvement. Being active has also helped me achieve goals that I didn’t believe in before.


Stephanie’s advice

Try something different and new. Don’t be afraid to step outside the lines. I never believed I’d like some of the things I’ve tried, and now those are my favorite workouts. I’m glad I decided to be a little more adventurous with my workouts — it’s paid off!